Followers of the Celtic Way FAQ’s

What do you mean by Followers of the Celtic Way? 

The earliest Christians were called “Followers of the Way” (of Jesus).  What we now call Celtic spirituality reflects one of the oldest “flavours” of Christianity, often associated with what we know of Christianity in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany about 1500 years ago. 

What is Celtic Spirituality?

 It focusses on the Celtic teachings of:
        The goodness of God’s Creation,
        Seeking good rather than evil in all things and all people;
        Equality of all people;
        Awareness of the sacred in daily life;
        Environmental stewardship of God’s Creation.

Are you just trying to recreate the past?

 No, we know very little about actual church services from those days.  We want to address the spirituality just mentioned.

How would this differ from conventional church services? 

We avoid doctrines such as Original Sinfulness of humanity (that we were born sinful, and sin in innate in us), and atonement (which means that it was God’s plan to have Jesus die as a payment for human sin).

Who will be interested in a Celtic style gathering

People interested in Creation-based spirituality, especially those who are not drawn to, or have left the Church, because of, doctrines such as those just mentioned.

What can I expect if I go to one of your gatherings?
Weekly at 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays, starting September 16th, with a simple meal afterwards
Scripture, song, meditation, prayer, informal address
Informal: come as you are; bring your children; all ages welcome; no “churchy vestments” – no more than 50-60 minutes
Location: parish hall of St. George’s Church Lowville
Address: 7051 Guelph Line, Campbellville, immediately north of Derry Road

Who is in your leadership team?

 Nigel Bunce and Jan Savory are co-pastors of ‘Followers of the Celtic Way’.  Nigel is an ordained minister; Jan has many decades of experience in church leadership roles. 

I’d like to get involved.  How can I help? 

Perhaps you are a musician (e.g., fiddle, flute, recorder, harp), or would like to help by serving the meal, or greeting guests as they arrive.  If you have contacts with other Celtic oriented organizations, you could promote ‘Followers of the Celtic Way’ with them.  Most of all, come and see, and if you like what you see, tell your friends and share on social media.

What would I be expected to do if I came? 

Just come as you are and be yourself.  Nothing else is required.

What will it cost? 

We will take a free will offering; there is no formal charge.  However, we hope (in time) to make the Celtic gathering financially independent of St. George’s Sunday congregation.

What is the relationship between this initiative and St. George’s Anglican Church? 

We meet in St. George’s premises; our co-pastors are also part of St. George’s leadership team; we will use St. George’s infrastructure (office equipment and charitable registration number).  But our objective is to offer a spirituality and service style that is recognizably different from that of a typical Anglican church.  For example, we will celebrate Holy Communion relatively infrequently, and we will not use Anglican prayer books.

Concerning the meal, I have special dietary requirements.
We will accommodate vegetarians automatically.  We will try to accommodate other dietary restrictions if you give us notice. Email details to

What about child care?

 We intend to provide child care, but details are uncertain until we know how many children and of what age.

How can I learn more? 
E-mail us at and we’ll put you on our contact list; we will follow up closer to the first gathering.  You can also find us on Face Book at @celticwayfollowers