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June 17,  2018             Pentecost 8
The Gospel story of Jesus being confronted by a man possessed with demons plays out in our cities every day. 
Click here for the Readings:  2 Samuel 6:1-5;17-19 & Mark 5:1-20

July 8, 2018       Pentecost  7 and Baptism
Jesus told his disciples that they should leave any village that doesn't accept their message and "shake the dust from their feet". The message here for us is:  “If at first you don’t succeed, you just have to try again.” 
Click here for the Readings:   Isaiah 43:1-2:4-7 and Mark 6: 1-13    ​
Sunday July 1, 2018    Canada Day  and Pentecost  6
Who chooses the Scripture readings each week, and why?
Click here for the Readings:   2 Corinthians 8:1-5 and Mark 5:21-43
 June 24th, 2018  National Indigenous Peoples Day and Pentecost 5
This week, we celebrated National Indiginous Peoples' Day with a special service that touched on reconciliation.
Click here for the Readings:  ​Isaiah 40:1-11; Luke 1:57-66 and Mark 6:14-29