What we believe

We are a family size congregation that tries our best to be loving and welcoming, with Sunday attendance usually 30-50 people. Our beautiful century stone church building is complemented with a modern parish hall, office area, and plenty of parking.  Our whole building is wheelchair accessible and air conditioned in the summer.
We proclaim a message of love and hope, believing that each person is inherently good, made God's image and born with an innate spark of the divine. God’s grace is freely and unconditionally given if we stray from God’s path. We believe that Jesus came to show us this love, and that the Holy Spirit animates us to show us God’s grace.  
Because we believe that all that God has made is good, we are called to reverence all creation and to care for the world and all who live here.

Our Sunday service is in the Anglican tradition of a weekly Eucharist (Holy Communion) using modern language, and we have frequently been told that we are friendly, welcoming, and hospitable.  We worship at 9.30, but come early and stay after – we have tea, coffee and refreshments before and after, and this will give us time to meet you and chat with you. Bring your children, too.

No-one gets to know a community just by reading about it, but you can get an idea of our theology by checking out the tab for our recent sermons under Services in the menu.  The Bible tells the story that a man called Philip wanted to tell his friend Nathaniel about Jesus, but Nathaniel was skeptical about the idea.  Philip didn’t try to argue with him or tell him a thousand reasons why he was wrong.  He just said, “Come and see.”   Like Philip, we extend to you a warm invitation to “Come and See” what St George’s is like, and how we put the teachings of Jesus into practice in our lives.  For more information, check on the tabs to download pdf copies of Why go to Church?" and "What happens at an Anglican Church Service". 

If you are looking for something other than a traditional service, check out our Escarpment Prayer Walks and the Contemplative group, found under the Worship tab above.