Sunday Service

9:30 AM

Whoever you are, and wherever you are in your journey of life, you are welcome.

7051 Guelph Line, Milton ON, L0P 1B0

Who Are We

A Progressive Theology

St. George’s Anglican Church Lowville espouses a “progressive theology” (also called a liberal theology) within the Anglican tradition. By this, we mean that we see ourselves as God’s people, created in the divine likeness by a loving Creator. Our progressive theology inspires the goal of developing our parish as a loving community of disciples of Jesus Christ.


Coming to church on Sundays should be a joy, not a duty. Therefore we make our Sunday worship joyful, not gloomy. We reject the belief that we were all born sinful, awaiting and expecting punishment from a vengeful and judgemental God. After all, Jesus himself imagined the Heavenly Father to be like an idealized earthly parent. That is why he taught his disciples to pray, “Our Father”.



Why Come to St. George’s?


Here are a few reasons people worship with us:


  • We are a friendly, welcoming community. Join us for refreshments both before and after the service on Sundays and get to know us.
  • We are not judgemental. We respect your beliefs, even if they are different from ours.
  • We will not try to convert you to share our ideas. We don’t have it all figured out, God is too vast for that! We live the mystery of God.
  • Our worship is joyful. but it’s also respectful. How else to celebrate God’s love for each one of us?

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