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Vestry Motion from Diocese concerning single use plastics

At the parish meeting on January 12th, I commented that it would be difficult to approve the Motion from the Diocese on this subject.  I agreed to suggest edits for your consideration. What follows is in two parts: The Motion submitted by the Diocese.  Notes 1-4 represent problem areas for us. The text of a […]


Priest’s Advent and Christmas Letter

Dear Friend in Christ,              Advent is a time of waiting.  The new Church year begins on Advent 1, which this year is December 1st, but it isn’t only children who wait in expectation for Christmas.  The word ‘expectation’ seems especially appropriate as we retell the story of Mary’s encounter with […]


Background on Grassy Narrows

Grassy Narrows First Nation is in northwestern Ontario, down-river from Dryden  The community experiences serious pollution from mercury.  Mercury is a neurotoxin.  It causes brain damage.  The pollution came from a pulp mill in Dryden.  The company produced bleaching chemicals.  That process released liquid mercury metal into the English-Wabigoon river system.  This began in the […]


Notes to Parish, September 2019

Worship Our numbers at worship have come back up now that summer vacations are over.  We are now thinking about fall, Advent and Christmas. Our Harvest Thanksgiving service will be on September 29th and we’ll celebrate national Thanksgiving on October 13th. We will follow the same pattern as previous years for Advent and Christmas: Advent […]


Predestination, a many sided concept

What is predestination? Predestination refers to God’s action in deciding, from outside of time, whatever will happen. God has advance knowledge of all events, but does not necessarily direct them.    Most people talk about predestination in terms of an all-powerful God who actively directs what will happen to each soul, from the beginning of […]


A Thanksgiving message from our Priest

  In late September and early October, we give special thanks for God’s blessings on two different occasions – Harvest Festival and National Thanksgiving.  The first of these, on Sunday September 29th,  is an occasion to give thanks for God’s bounty to us, as we contemplate the abundance in our farmers’ markets and supermarkets.  It’s […]


Human rights, Christian perspectives

Modern Canadians take for granted the idea of fundamental human rights.  However, the development of “rights” for citizens has a long and tortuous history.  As societies developed, they established rules of behaviour for their members.  One example is the Ten Commandments, which banned from murder, stealing, and adultery in ancient Israel.  The first two of […]


Pelagius’ thoughts on Christian virtue

Pelagius was a Welsh monk who lived in the 5th century CE.  He is best known for his opposition to the doctrine of Original Sin.  Because of this, the Church hierarchy accused him accused of heresy.  Of his writings, very few survive.  What follows is part of a letter he wrote to a friend named […]