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Helping Others

St. George’s Church has a long tradition of helping others.  It is part of our sense of community at St. George’s.  The programs below are how we respond to Christ’s call to assist society’s less fortunate members.  Some activities, such as our Prayer Chain, have unseen benefits.  Others have very specific benefits.  These include the minister’s discretionary fund and our support of St. Matthew’s House food bank.

Worship in the Wider Community

The residents of retirement homes and long term care homes are usually unable to attend church on Sundays.  St. George’s helps to address their spiritual needs by offering regular services at several local retirement and long term care facilities. 

In Milton, these include:

    •     Birkdale Place Retirement Home
    •     Allendale Long Term Care Home
    •     Milton District Hospital Long Term Care

In Burlington, we serve:

    • Brant Centre Long Term Care
    • Mount Nemo Christian Nursing Home

Prayer Chain

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming.  Members of St George’s Prayer Chain offer prayers on behalf of people who have asked for the support of prayer in time of need.  All requests are kept in strict confidence.  It may help you to feel a member of the community of St. George’s to know that we are praying for your particular concerns.

Please contact us with requests for (confidential) prayer. We will keep your name on our prayer list for at least a month.  If longer prayer help is needed, please just ask.

The Minister’s Discretionary Fund

This fund provides small amounts of money to people who come to the church in crisis.  Their most common need is money for food and transportation.  We find the money to support the fund through fundraising and the generosity of individual members of the parish.

Mission Services Food Bank

Mission Services serves one of the poorest areas of the City of Hamilton.  Many of its clients are recent immigrants and refugees.   St. George’s congregation collects and delivers food to the food bank every month.   We also donate money, and collect clothing in response to specific requests.

We are grateful for help with this activity from:

    • The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Romanian Orthodox Church
    • The residents of Upper Middle Place condominium in Burlington

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

PWRDF is run by the Anglican Church of Canada.  It provides emergency relief for disasters like earthquakes and famines.  It also helps refugees.  PWRDF’s programs programs in Canada and elsewhere:

    • improve the quality of daily life for vulnerable populations
    • promote self-reliance for its clients
    • address the root causes of poverty and injustice.

St. George’s Church also supports PWRDF through individual donations, and by fundraising for specific emergencies.