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St. Georges’ Church History

Where are we?

You will find St. George’s beautiful stone church on Guelph Line, just north of Derry Road, in the municipality of Milton, Ontario. From our property, you can see breathtaking views of the Niagara Escarpment, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Tombstones in our cemetery bear the names of many early area settlers.  Some of their descendants are still members of the congregation.



Early days

The parish was founded in 1856.  At that time, Mr.  Agnew and family donated the land for the church and cemetery.  The first church on the site was of wooden construction.  In time, the wooden church became too small.  The stone building you see today dates from 1896.  It seats up to about 120 people.  The accompanying photograph dates from 1914, when a hurricane destroyed the church roof.  Other local church congregations pitched in to help the congregation replace the roof.  


St. George’s today

In the twentieth century, the families of Oscar Coulter and Erland Jay donated additional land.  This made it possible to enlarge the cemetery, and to build a large parking lot.  This has since been paved.   

The parish built a modern extension to the church in 1990.  It includes offices, meeting rooms and a gathering area (narthex), which connects the new facilities to the church sanctuary.  We use the narthex for hospitality before and after the Sunday service. The whole facility is completely accessible and includes air-conditioning. 

The church contains many beautiful and unusual stained glass windows. Parishioners donated many of the windows to remember family members.