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Waiting in Hope with the Prophets

Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25    Jan Savory     Waiting in Hope Today is the first Sunday of Advent, that time in the church year when we wait in hope for the joyful coming of the Christ. The one who came once as a baby, is always here and who will come again. This is the paradox […]


The Reign of Christ: what does it mean?

Reign of Christ: Scripture, Matthew 25: 31-46 Nigel Bunce     Today, the Reign of Christ, is the last Sunday of the Church year. Next week, Advent begins the cycle again. The Reign of Christ is a chance to think what the world might look like if everyone behaved like Jesus. An analogy for today’s […]


Lest we forget: what do we remember?

Scripture: Remembrance, All Souls, Matthew 25: 1-13 Nigel Bunce Lest we forget The catch-phrase of Remembrance Day is “Lest we forget”. We remember those who served or lost their lives in recent or long ago wars. In Canada, we remember especially the sacrifice (making holy) of WWI. It’s an important part of our nation-building mythology. […]


Religion and politics: do they mix?

  Scripture: Matthew 23: 1-12 Nigel Bunce “Religion and politics don’t mix.” Jesus might well have said (even if he didn’t), “You have heard it said this [i.e., Religion and politics don’t mix], but I say something different.”  Why would I say such a thing? My answer centres on the definition of the word politics. In […]


A dark meditation on human frailty

Scripture: Psalm 90 Nigel Bunce Psalm 90 is a dark meditation on God and human frailty.  But the psalmist’s cry for help resonates strongly with our situation amid today’s pandemic. Familiar phrases in Psalm 90 Sometimes (I suspect oftentimes) we rattle through the day’s psalm without giving it much thought. In my Bible, Psalm 90 […]


The Golden Calf, Impatience and Compromise

Scripture Exodus 32 1-14   Jan Savory Today’s scripture reading takes us back to the Israelites in the wilderness. Its a story of a statue of a golden calf and the impatience and compromise that  enabled this idolatry. Exodus – a story about Human Nature Today we are back with the story of Moses and the […]


The Ten Commandments and Thanksgiving

Scripture: Exodus 20, Thanksgiving Nigel Bunce   Today, I want to explain the fit between the Ten Commandments and Thanksgiving weekend.  The Book of Exodus records that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The first four are about God; the other six are about relating to other people. These six are the five “Thou shalt not” […]


St. Francis of Assisi, life and beliefs

Scripture: Matthew 21: 33-46 Nigel Bunce Today we celebrate St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226).  But first, I want to speak briefly about today’s Gospel.   The wicked tenants This parable is the third part of a trilogy about vineyards. Vineyards represent the Promised Land and the people of Israel. Each episode has become more and […]


Themes of Conflict: Jesus’ authority

Scripture: Matthew 21: 23-32 Nigel Bunce The Temple leadership challenged Jesus’ authority to preach and to act.  In response Jesus asked them a question concerning the validity of John’s baptism.  This led to a stalemate between them.  Jesus followed this up by telling a parable about two sons who were asked by their father to […]