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What feeds you, spiritually?

Scripture:  Matthew 14:13-21    Jan Savory     “What feeds you,  Jan?” The first time I met Rev. Susan, our previous priest here at St George’s, she asked me a question. On her first day as Priest at St Philips Anglican Church, she walked into the office, where I was at the computer preparing the bulletin. […]


The new normal and the Kingdom of Heaven

Scripture: Matthew 13: 31-35; 44-46 Nigel Bunce The new normal and the Kingdom of Heaven Will the new normal  that we hear about these days usher in the Kingdom of Heaven? Or will it be like the old normal? It’s our choice.   Today, Matthew tells us that Jesus talked to the disciples and the […]


Holy stones, holy ground, House of God

Scripture: Genesis 28: 10-22; Psalm 139 Nigel Bunce Alone in the desert, Jacob sleeps on holy stones.  He dreams that a ladder reaches up to heaven.  Finally, he realizes for the first time what sort of a man he is, and how he must change. Two weeks ago, we heard how Jacob tricked his brother […]


Forgiveness and reconciliation: in Scripture and in ordinary life

Scripture: Genesis 25: 24-34 and Matthew 18: 21-22 Nigel Bunce Christian forgiveness   Forgiveness and reconciliation lie at the heart of the Christian faith. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus counselled us to say, “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.”  But reconciliation is more than forgiveness.  It implies coming together […]


Jesus’ yoke, a light burden

Scripture: Matthew 11: 25-30    Jan Savory We are invited to wear Jesus’ yoke, a light burden that will give us rest. There is a little parkette at the bottom of Guelph Line, right on Lake Ontario; it’s one of the places where I go when I feel overwhelmed and need to “get away from […]


Father, Son, and Sacrifice

Scripture: Genesis 22: 1-14 Nigel Bunce Father, Son, and Sacrifice Today’s lectionary reading from the Hebrew Scriptures is an appalling story about a Father, Son, and sacrifice.  God commanded Abraham to make a human sacrifice of his only son, Isaac. Abraham did as God commanded. He travelled to Mount Moriah. That took three days. There, […]


Hagar, Ishmael, and First Nations

Scripture. Aboriginal Sunday. Genesis 21: 8-19 Nigel Bunce Today’s Scripture, about the banishment of Hagar and Ishmael, has uncomfortable parallels with the way that European settlers have treated Canadian First Nations.   Abraham banishes Hagar and Ishmael By chance, today’s reading from the Hebrew Scriptures falls on National Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The background to the story […]


Memorial Sunday: griefs and losses

Scripture: Lamentations 3: 22-26, Memorial Sunday. Nigel Bunce Memorial Sunday: the day each year when we pause to remember people who, in the old words, “we loved but see no more.”  But in this year of COVID19, we pause also to think about the loss that our community feels.  That’s because we cannot be together […]


The Trinity: doctrine of the Church

Scripture, Trinity Sunday Part 2.  Matthew 28: 16-20 Nigel Bunce   The Trinity is a doctrine of the Church. Doctrines are concepts that the Church instructs Christians to believe. However, there’s no mention of the Trinity in Scripture. Indeed, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the Great Commission (which is what we call […]


The ideals of Pentecost failed in the early Church

Scripture, Trinity Sunday, Part 1: Acts 4: 32-37 Nigel Bunce Ideals of Pentecost — and their failure This Scripture reading upholds the ideals of Pentecost that we found last week in Chapter 2.  The earliest Christians shared everything and gave cheerfully to any members who needed help. For example, Barnabas sold some property and gave […]