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Palm Sunday – the Gateway to Holy Week

Scripture: Matthew 21: 1-11 It’s Palm Sunday, the gateway to Holy Week. In this time of the corona virus, it will be a holy week such as none of us have ever experienced before.  Today we should be processing around the church waving palms. Singing some of our favorite Palm Sunday Hymns like Ride on […]


Hope in a time of dry bones

Scripture: Ezekiel 37: 1-14 Nigel Bunce Today’s Scripture offers hope in a time of dry bones.  The prophet Ezekiel had a vision in which God showed him a valley of dry bones.  They represented the people of Israel, who were in exile in Babylon. Everything seemed hopeless. It seemed that God had abandoned them.  Most […]


Does John’s Gospel portray an uncaring Jesus?

Scripture: John Chapters 9 and 11 Nigel Bunce How could it be that today’s Scriptures present a seemingly uncaring Jesus?  It’s the opposite of the caring and inclusive Jesus with whom we are familiar.  The issue presents itself in two stories from John’s Gospel. The man born blind in Chapter 9 and the death of […]


Jesus meets a feisty Samaritan woman

Scripture, John 4: 3-29 Nigel Bunce When Jesus meets a feisty Samaritan woman, their conversation is about achieving eternal life,.  But this woman is no doormat.  She challenges Jesus, until eventually he reveals to her that he is the long awaited Messiah. I could sum up today’s Gospel story very simply. Jesus was thirsty; he […]


What does “born again” really mean?

Scripture: John 3: 1-17. Nigel Bunce   To be ‘born again’ is not necessarily a once-only event.   God’s grace can restore us many times back to the goodness that we had on the day that we entered this world.   Nicodemus meets Jesus John’s Gospel emphasizes Jesus’s interactions with specific people. This week, it’s Nicodemus. Next […]


Two Christianities

Scripture: Romans 5: 12-19 Nigel Bunce   Two Christianities coexist in the New Testament.  The Gospel Jesus, and St. Paul’s theology that he expressed most clearly in the Letter to the Romans.  As we begin the season of Lent, our lectionary presents us with a series of readings from Romans.  Today, I want to try […]


What is Ash Wednesday about?

Ash Wednesday, 2020. Nigel Bunce On Ash Wednesday, we begin Lent. For forty days, excluding Sundays, we will follow Jesus from his ministry in Galilee towards Jerusalem, where he will be arrested and crucified. Inevitably, this places a pall of gloom over the season of Lent, which begins today. But we know that the culmination […]


Transfiguration, a mountaintop experience

Scripture: Matthew 17: 1-9 Nigel Bunce Today, we retell the Gospel story of the Transfiguration, a mountaintop experience, both literally and figuratively.  It is more than just a walk up a mountain.  Rather, it invites us into  a holy mystery.  Many of the Gospel stories that come up every year are the most difficult to […]


Be children of your heavenly Father

Scripture: Matthew 5: 38-48 Jesus said, “Be children of your heavenly Father”.  In this radical statement, Jesus updated or even upended traditional dogmas. In the Sermon on the Mount he gave a glimpse of what the Kingdom of Heaven might be like. Whether we view it as coming in this world or the next, it’s […]


Jesus calls us Salt and Light!

Scripture: Matthew 5: 13-20  You are salt; you are light. Why does Jesus call us Salt and Light?? Jesus calls us Salt Yes, you.  You are salt – the salt of the earth – You.  You are the salt of the earth. Nor will be …. When you are older, when you learn to be […]