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Contemplative Evening Prayer for July 28th

Evening Prayer with meditation on this evening’s Scriptures, songs, and prayers. The picture is the baptism of Lydia’s household. From www.biblefunforkids.


King David’s sin: against Bathsheba or Uriah?

Scripture: 2 Samuel 11: 26 to 12: 14 Nigel Bunce Today’s Scripture is all about King David’s sin.  But whom does Scripture consider that David sinned against?  Was it the beautiful Bathsheba or her husband Uriah?  And where do we find similar examples today? King David’s sin is about more than a sexual encounter Our […]


The apostle to the apostles

July 18, 2021: Mary Magdalene. Nigel Bunce Mary Magdalene, the ‘apostle to the apostles’ was a controversial figure in the early church, because patriarchy took over from the Church’s initial gender inclusivity.   Modern views about the roles of men and women have restored her place as the ‘apostle to the apostles’.  Early Christians venerated her […]


Why can’t we all just get along?

Scripture: Mark 6: 14-29 Nigel Bunce Why can’t we all just get along? “Why can’t we all just get along?”  It’s a rhetorical question. Sometimes, we have to stand up against what is wrong.  In today’s Gospel story, John the Baptist has made himself unpopular with the powers that be. He said that the marriage […]


Evening Prayer July 7: David anointed king

This week’s service tells how the priest Samuel anointed King David. It includes a meditation about the various figures who appear in this well-loved story. Image from  


Jesus rejected, then and now

Scripture: Mark 6 1-13    Jan Savory  Jesus returns home and is rejected Today we met Jesus returning to his home town.  We might assume that here things would go well.  That those who knew Jesus well would  receive him with joy and affirmation.  And initially this happened. The people of Nazareth, those who had […]


Evening Prayer for the eve of Canada Day

    A spoken and contemplative service of Evening Prayer in the style of the prayer book of the Anglican Church of New Zealand. Isaiah 32: 17: the pathway of righteousness will be peace and trust for ever: Image: Aleksandra Boguslawska from


That the truth will come out

Scripture: Mark 5: 21-43. Nigel Bunce The truth will come out — and it must That the truth will come out about injustices to Canada’s Indigenous Peoples must be our prayer and our goal as we mark National Indigenous Peoples’ Day in 2021. This is the tenth year that I have celebrated National Indigenous Peoples’ […]