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Evening Prayer October 20 (St. Luke)

This evening, we remember St. Luke, physician travelling companion of St. Paul, author of a Gospel and of Acts of the Apostles, and a consummate story-teller. Who was St. Luke? The New Testament mentions Luke by name three times. Paul’s letter to the church that he founded in Colossus [Col 4:14] calls Luke a physician. […]


Food insecurity: an increasing problem

Scripture: Mark 10: 35-45; Food insecurity. Nigel Bunce Food insecurity is when families don’t have access to affordable, accessible, and abundant food.  But we can’t blame the price of food when a family must choose between groceries and paying the rent or providing computer access for their children.  The problem is much larger. It involves […]


Celtic Evening Prayer for Autumn

Tonight, we explore the Book of Jonah.  It’s much more than the story of a man who ends up in the belly of a whale. This Scripture helps define the relationship between God and humanity, showing the pettiness of the human participant, Jonah. Scripture: Jonah chapter 4 The Book of Jonah is similar to the […]


Leaving the comfortable pew

Scripture, Mark 10: 17-31 Nigel Bunce The comfortable pew offers an explanation for both the present worldwide challenge to liberal democracy and the decline in church attendance in the West.  Both our societies and churches are comfortable.  But, to be comfortable is also to be stuck in a rut.  Active democracy and Christianity both require […]


Evening Prayer October 6: Looking towards Thanksgiving

Tonight we look forward to Thanksgiving this coming weekend. Our Scripture, Psalm 126, speaks of thanks, joy, and hope for the Israelites who returned from exile in Babylon, as it also does for refugees in Canada today.  


Reading the Book of Job alongside St. Francis of Assisi

Scripture: Book of Job. Nigel Bunce The Book of Job is a parable that tries to explain why even good people can’t avoid suffering.  But if God is ‘almighty’, he must be doing a bad job of running the world!  God can’t be simultaneously almighty, just, and loving.  The reality is that God has concerns […]


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, 2021

A statement from the priest-in-charge of St. George’s Lowville on the occasion of the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation I must acknowledge and thank lawyer Arjun Dhir, of the law firm Crawford Chondon & Partners LLP, who provided much of the background to this post in a recent blog. You probably remember that […]


A tree by the waterside

Scripture: Psalm 1. Nigel Bunce What is a tree by the waterside?  Psalm 1 describes the difference between blessed and ungodly folk.  A blessed person is like a tree by the waterside; their faith in God sustains them on life’s journey. Trees by the waterside and the law of the Lord The Book of Psalms […]


Evening Prayer (Compline) for September 22nd.

The ancient office of compline reflects the simplicity of monastic bedside prayer. It invokes the presence of God, to accompany and sustain us through the hours of darkness. Compline also gives us a discipline that empowers us to negotiate the “dark” segments of life’s journey. It allows God’s love to transform the deepest darkness of […]