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 In-person every Sunday  9: 30 am. Online  worship will revert to about 12 noon, once the 9:30 service has been edited. 



You can access our on-line services on these platforms: 



Relax and enjoy the service

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is a serious business, but it doesn’t have to be stiff and gloomy.  Come and sing with us, pray with us, listen to Bible readings.  Hear them interpreted in a relaxed atmosphere and a progressive manner that sets them in today’s context.  We sincerely respect our Scriptures; that is why we believe that it’s important to explore their relevance in our lives today.  You can check out our homilies on our Sermon Blog to get a better sense of where we are coming from.



Many churches describe their preaching style as Bible-based.  At St. George’s Church Lowville, we base our homilies on the day’s Scripture readings, most often from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  However, consistent with our progressive theology, we attempt to examine the relevance of the Scripture passage to our own time and place.


Our liberal approach to Christianity urges us to use our powers of reason to complement the words of the Bible and the traditions of the past.  We accept that Scripture is not ‘one size fits all’.  Therefore we do not insist that everyone must interpret the Bible in the same way.  Indeed, our members hold a wide variety of Christian belief.  Our progressive theology holds that diversity in faith perspectives is a source of strength not division.


Children’s program

Children are important to us at St. George’s Church Lowville.  Jesus said, “(Let the little children come to me.  Do not stop them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Therefore we welcome children as full members of St. George’s Lowville. We encourage them to take Holy Communion at St. George’s from whatever age their parents think it appropriate.  This is a family decision, not one that we impose.

 We also encourage young members of the congregation to participate fully in the service, should they wish to, in various roles, such as reading Scripture and leading prayers.


New to the Anglican Church?

You can read the following two brochures on-line or download them in pdf format.  We hope they will be useful.


Why go to church?

This brochure attempts to explain why we believe that attending church is a valuable way to spend an hour or so in the midst of the enormous pressures of time and busyness in our modern society.


What happens at an Anglican service?

This explains what to expect if you decide to come (we hope you will!).  You can also see a copy of a service bulletin here.