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We're so sorry for your loss


Funeral services acknowledge that death is an inevitable part of life. As the psalmist wrote, it is an occasion when we must walk through the valley of the shadow of death. At this sacred time, we mourn the loss of a loved one, but we also celebrate the life now ended.

Our pastoral staff has experience in offering comfort and support to those who are grieving. You may decide to hold it at the church or at the funeral home of your choice. Preparation for the funeral of a loved one includes meeting with family members to plan the funeral.  We will work with you to plan a service that combines the elements of grief for your loss and celebration of the life that has now ended. Within that framework, we help you to choose appropriate readings.  These may be Scriptural and/or secular.  We can also offer suggestions to make your goodbyes the most meaningful to you and appropriate to the person who died. Our cemetery provides a beautiful resting place should you not have made your own arrangements.

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Facilities & Fees

Our church can accommodate seating for up to 120 people. There is also the possibility of extra seating for up to 40 in our adjacent gathering area. The building is fully accessible and air-conditioned, and has a large paved parking lot.


You may hold a reception in our parish hall.  Choose your own caterer, or we can provide a reception buffet of sandwiches, desserts, tea and coffee.


The fee for the funeral is $250. This includes funeral preparation and clergy officiating at he funeral service itself. There is no additional fee for the use of the parish hall for a reception, but we charge for the cost of the food, if we provide it.

St. George's Cemetery

St. George’s cemetery occupies a beautiful location on the Niagara Escarpment. It is a quiet place where you can come to remember family members or friends who have departed this life, and now rest with God. We allow burial in St. George’s cemetery whether or not the deceased’s funeral was held at St. George’s Church.

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