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Who Are We?

Followers of Jesus

We are a small, Anglican parish located on the Niagara escarpment between Milton and Burlington, ON. We worship every Sunday at 930am in a lovely, historic stone building. We are an Anglican Church (more on that below), but principally, we are about following Jesus. His life, death, and resurrection have been celebrated by Christians for more than two millennia and we also find his story remarkably compelling. Jesus inspires us to put our trust in God and to work for justice in our lives. We are called to be compassionate, inclusive, and led by the Spirit of God, wherever She may take us! Many of us identify with the more progressive end of the spectrum, but there is plenty of room in our little community for folks from all walks of life and a variety of beliefs.

Forest Road

Why Anglican?

Archbishop Michael Curry is fond of saying that we are part of the Anglican expression of the Jesus movement. Anglicans are members of the Church of England that has spread to over 165 countries comprising 85 million people. Much of its spread is attributed to the British Empire's colonizing efforts, which has left great devastation in its wake. We look to our history in order to learn from it, the good with the bad. Many consider Anglicanism a 'middle way' between Catholicism and Protestantism. Our worship is similar to the Catholic Church and we do have bishops who lead us. But our theology and practices have been influenced by the Reformation movement in the 16th century and by both modern evangelical and liberal movements within the Church. We are a 'broad tent' that tries to include everyone as much as possible: evangelical and liberal, conservative and progressive, high 'Anglo-Catholic' liturgy and praise bands. At St. George's most of our members would identify as being progressive, prioritizing radical inclusion of people of all races, socio-economic statuses, genders, and sexual orientations.

Meet Our Team

The Worldwide Anglican Communion

St. George's Anglican Church Lowville is part of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara

Anglican Diocese of Niagara

St. George's Anglican Church Lowville is part of the Anglican Church of Canada

Anglican Church of Canada

St. George's Anglican Church Lowville is part of the Anglican Province of Ontario

Anglican Province of Ontario

St. George's Anglican Church Lowville supports the work of Proud Anglicans



St. George's Anglican Church Lowville is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion

Church of England (Anglican)

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