Why go to Church?

It’s a serious question.  These days, we all lead busy lives.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything we have to.  Why would I want to take on yet another commitment by going to church?

Church attendance offers a time and place to recharge our batteries and nourish our spiritual side, to complement how we nourish our bodies.  It is somewhere where we can let go of our day-to-day worries to find spiritual and emotional refreshment.  As Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and carrying heavy burdens, and I will refresh you.”

In a world where so many of our interactions are on-line, St George’s offers a welcoming and friendly community – or so people tell us.   Here are some reasons that people have given as to why they come to St George’s:

  • I have so much in my life to thank God for
  • It grounds me for the week ahead
  • I’ve always gone to church
  • My kids make me come – they love it
  • The people really care about me
  • Going to church reminds me to think of others as well as myself
  • Jesus’ message is relevant to our world today
  • St. George’s is active in the community
  • It gives my life purpose

So take the time, even just once, to do the one thing we ask of our neighbours who don’t go to Church: Come and See.