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How do I experience God? How do you experience God?

Scripture: Exodus 14: 5-6, 9-13a, 15-30    Jan Savory How do I experience God? “I don’t believe in that God” As I read today’s story I was reminded of Marcus Borg, an Anglican Priest, author and University lecturer. Whenever he taught Christianity 101, students would approach him on the first day of lectures to tell […]


The cost of discipleship during COVID

Scripture: Matthew 16: 21-26 Nigel Bunce The physical cost of discipleship in Canada is minimal.  But as churches prepare to reopen, the restrictions demanded by safety may well cost the permanent loss of the style of Christian worship that we know and love.   The context of today’s Gospel The six short verses of today’s […]


“I am who I am” not “I am who I say that I am”

Scripture: Exodus 3: 1-8a; 10-15 Nigel Bunce “I am who I am” has much meaning.  It is the answer God have to Moses when he asked, “What is your name?”  But for us, it is not always the same as ‘I am who I say that I am.”  The Scripture story In last week’s Scripture, […]


Foundation stories, Moses and Jesus

Scripture: Exodus 1-2 and Matt. 16: 13-18a Nigel Bunce This week we read foundation stories about Judaism and Christianity.  Moses and Jesus; two great religions. The story of Moses in the bull-rushes initiates the long Exodus saga for Judaism. Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Messiah is the essence of Christianity. The Gospel: Peter’s declaration […]


A Canaanite woman confronts Jesus

Scripture: Matthew 15: 21-28 Nigel Bunce   ven Jesus had to overcome biases The story of the Canaanite woman’s faith shows Jesus as fully human.  However, it’s not a very flattering portrait. A local woman heard that Jesus was a great healer. Matthew called her a Canaanite. From the name of the Holy Land, when the […]


Take heart, Don’t be afraid.

Scripture: Matthew 14: 22-33 Nigel Bunce “Take heart, Don’t be afraid.”  These words of Jesus to the disciples are the essence of today’s Gospel.  This Scripture has two parts. Jesus walks on the water. And then Peter tries to do the same thing. The context of the Gospel story After Jesus fed the Five Thousand, […]


What feeds you, spiritually?

Scripture:  Matthew 14:13-21    Jan Savory     “What feeds you,  Jan?” The first time I met Rev. Susan, our previous priest here at St George’s, she asked me a question. On her first day as Priest at St Philips Anglican Church, she walked into the office, where I was at the computer preparing the bulletin. […]


The new normal and the Kingdom of Heaven

Scripture: Matthew 13: 31-35; 44-46 Nigel Bunce The new normal and the Kingdom of Heaven Will the new normal  that we hear about these days usher in the Kingdom of Heaven? Or will it be like the old normal? It’s our choice.   Today, Matthew tells us that Jesus talked to the disciples and the […]


Holy stones, holy ground, House of God

Scripture: Genesis 28: 10-22; Psalm 139 Nigel Bunce Alone in the desert, Jacob sleeps on holy stones.  He dreams that a ladder reaches up to heaven.  Finally, he realizes for the first time what sort of a man he is, and how he must change. Two weeks ago, we heard how Jacob tricked his brother […]


Forgiveness and reconciliation: in Scripture and in ordinary life

Scripture: Genesis 25: 24-34 and Matthew 18: 21-22 Nigel Bunce Christian forgiveness   Forgiveness and reconciliation lie at the heart of the Christian faith. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus counselled us to say, “Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.”  But reconciliation is more than forgiveness.  It implies coming together […]